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Apathy vs Action

2009-07-09 02:34:45 by fahrenheit

They call us the apathetic generation, the kids who don't care about anything other then what surrounds our own little world. Though what exactly makes us apathetic I wonder; is it our lack of initiation, lack of protests and riots? That I respond to questions with the answer "I don't care" more often then not? Or is it more likely that we as a generation have a lack of interest in politics and important worldwide issues besides a little spoon full of opinion that is occasionally thrown across the room in a rage. Whatever the case is I often question my reasons for apathy, and as an apathetic person often does I come up with the conclusion that the issues I am apathetic about are ones that either do not affect me or ones that I cannot hope to change. Which is an absolute horrible opinion to have, but there is reason behind it. Trying to fix everything greatly spreads your attention around, but this leads to a lack of efficiency on the things being fixed. When you focus on the issues that you can control and fix you have much more time and energy to use on some issues rather then all issues.

Where is the line drawn though between issues that we can fix and ones that we shouldn't try? That line is up to you, because every issue can be fixed by someone but it is up to that someone to take responsibility and fix it. Part of maturing and growing up is finding what we can fix and giving up on what we can't, in hopes to not waste energy. That is the true reason between apathy and action; the energy we put out as the result of our balance between the two. With more apathy we allow ourselves more energy to focus on our action, but without enough action we have no purpose of our apathy. So there is a purpose to our apathy, and that is to realize what we can and must do with our ability and focus what we must on what we have the power to fix.

But really, who cares?


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